Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pheasant for Breakfast

Maybe the title should have read Pheasant at Breakfast as that was just what happened at the Birdy Bistro this morning. Simply awful conditions for photography so here are a couple of snapshots which had to taken at ISO 3000. At 1200 the shutter speed was about 1/5 second with the lens wide open!

Pheasant 3

Pheasant 2

Not my morning for good photography. I also managed to record some video as it passed near the 'Hedgehog' camera but the recorder was playing up and showing a lot of coloured blocks. I did take a lot out by dropping out those frames in Corel Video Studio Pro X4 (yes I did manage to get a cheap copy in the Amazon Black Friday Event last week).

While on the subject of Hedgehogs it looks as though my regular visitor has decided to hibernate at last. Four days running the dried mealworms have still been there the following morning, much to the delight of the invading Starlings which polish them off in about 10 seconds.


  1. Well it may be dull but a grand bit of winter colour.
    Glad you got Pro X4. I use premier elements and lose the will to live after half an hour.

  2. Hi John,
    I did have to do a double take when I saw the title! I thought you may have got a shot of a Sparrowhawk or even a Goshawk taking a Pheasant! Nice shots, they are such beautiful birds!
    Re, your hedgehogs, I am still having two visit my garden every evening (they have just been seen in the garden munching away on mealworms), hopefully they will hibernate soon, but it is has been so mild!
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  3. And isn't he just beautiful John! Lucky you to have them just passing through....!

  4. You did well to capture that John, the shot I mean, not the bird.{:)

  5. Adrian. Always nice to see a different visitor.

  6. John: The title was a bit of an attention grabber lol. For once it didn't notice me.

    No Hedgehog sighting for over a week now so I guess I should have a listen round for gentle snoring.

  7. Maree: I tend to forget that we do have some colourful birds and it is great when one visits.

  8. Thank you Roy. Fortunately it just didn't notice me at the window.


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