Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sunset in Black and White and Colour

Lovely Sunset this evening so took a few snaps with the Lumix. What I wanted to end up with was a photo with the sky in colour and the foreground in greyscale. I did manage it after fiddling around in Elements for about an hour and a half. Although I have just finished it I doubt I could remember what I did to repeat the effect.


I'm not sure the end result was worth the trials and tribulations but was a way of trying to come to terms with Elements 10. It's a powerful program, a tad more powerful than me I fear.


  1. This is fine. Load image into Full Edit Then press CTRL&J . You will have two layers. Select the top layer and take the Selection Brush. It should be next to the Magic Wand (the one that looks like a sparkler). Paint on to the sky and pray it follows the edge of it. There is plenty of contrast so it should. Invert the selection (CTRL&I)Feather the edge by ten pixels. Then convert to black and White. Job done I hope.

  2. Adrian: Thanks for that. Nearly what I ended up doing. I went through it again this morning as I had just about worked out the final route I took.

    I used the quick selection tool instead of the brush and selected the foreground. Then Enhance - Adjust Colour - Hue / Saturation - saturation down to zero. Then Adjust Lighting - Brightness / Contrast. There were a few small white gaps at the boundary where I used Healing Brush Tool to fill in the missing sky colour. Job done.

    I must remember the CTRL+J to get a new layer which is where I spent time fumbling about yesterday.

  3. There are so many ways of skinning the cat. You can right click the layer and select duplicate. Or go to Edit and pick the command from there. Should you wish to unlock the background layer double click it. You can drag and drop layers in the stack and try the blending modes. Have fun.

  4. Thanks again for the pointers Adrian. I'm happier with it now I have my three most used 3rd party plug-ins installed. (Wireworm, Border Mania and ReDynaMix)


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