Sunday, 18 December 2011

Basketweave Bobby

OK, so I got bored as it is freezing outside. I though I would have a play with the free PS filter plug-in "AAA Blender"
which can be found .HERE. Included with the plug-in are a few border / frame masks and backgrounds but more frame masks can be downloaded from HERE and more texture backgrounds from Textureking HERE.

This is the result of using a basketweave texture and then adding a frame mask in the AAA Blender filter.

P1010133 nose copy

Yesterday I was really pleased to see a small group of Long-tailed Tits arrive in the garden. The first sighting for well over a year. Now the early morning temperature is around 0C I have the usual gathering of Blackbirds. Just as it started to get light I counted at least eleven around the back garden. It's about the only time I see so many males together without furious squabbles. Talking of birds squabbling - if you haven't seen Keith's video of Green Woodpeckers disputing a feeding area then it is well worth nipping over to "Caldecotte Lake - Dancing Woodpeckers" where Keith was fortunate enough to take some video of this unusual and rarely seen activity.


  1. What would we do without PS to play with? By the way I notice In Elements ten you can type text onto a path or a selection Select the Text tool and the last three type on a path. I would keep it a gentleish curve or the letters will probably overlap. I only have 9 so can't plat with this.

  2. What indeed Adrian? I did have a quick try out with text on a path when I first installed 10. Yes. The advice is to use gentle curves.

  3. Thanks for the link John :-)

    Bobby looks like he's smiling; almost. lol
    Interesting effect.

  4. Bobby, what has your best friend done to your sweet face? Ask him who is the basket case here? ;) I hope the rest of you is still in proper order, and that he hasn't woven your tail into plaits!


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