Wednesday 7 December 2011

Wings on Wednesday

My one and only nature photograph this week was so grotty I ended up having a play with a set of freeware plug-in filters to see what I could come up with that might be worth looking at. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and very subjective.

First the original was cropped:

IMG_3311 copy0

A couple of examples made using the freeware 'Harry's Filters' which can be found for downloading HERE on The Plugin Site. Borders were added using the free 'Border Mania' plug-in which can be downloaded from HERE.

IMG_3311 copy3 copy

IMG_3311 copy2 copy

I wonder if you see the same optical illusion I noticed. To me the bird in the first arty farty picture appears to be flying towards me but away in the second.


  1. These are superb.........right up my street.
    Yes I see the same illusion.
    A great wingsy post.

  2. Thank you Adrian. I was thinking of your artsy photos while I was experimenting ;)

  3. Great fun John and very artistic.

  4. I prefer the second, of the two.
    Interesting John.

  5. You are a real star.........I downloaded the plug in and after two hours have nothing even recognizable. Never mind as artistic as yours.
    Mine look like pavement pizzas. Well done indeed.

  6. Adrian:
    I will agree of the 60+ available I only like a few.
    For the examples I showed:
    For the second one; Gradients - Double Sphere

    For the first I used three processes:
    First: Gradients - Mixed Beam
    Second: Color - Cartoon Art
    Third (for the circular light) use the built in filter Render - Lens Flare

  7. Cheers John. I'll have another go. In Elements! I'll do one tomorrow using Gradients and blending.
    These are good, colourful, crisp and clean. Adobe don't allow plug ins from any idiot algorithm provider and these load like a dream.

  8. Did you not use blending modes?

  9. Adrian: I don't think so - remember when it comes to using Elements I'm still blundering about. I just made a copy layer from the original and plonked (technical term that) things on that. As the original photo was virtually a silhouette things worked out OK.

    When I was experimenting a few days ago with a different photo I did mask the subject somehow so all the filters went in as a background. BTW I also managed to get pavement pizzas so you're not alone there.

  10. Keith: It is very subjective. I prefer the first, the second is too bold a colour for me. Either way it made a boring photo a bit more interesting.

  11. Kushuka: Thank you for visiting and for leaving a comment.

  12. Adrian: The experiment I tried the other day can be seen as the last three photos here:

  13. Just had a look. That was more what I was getting. Thanks.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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