Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Doggy Christmas

Though it has been around for quite a while I have only just found this brilliant video on YouTube:

Dogs decorate a Christmas Tree.

Of course Bobby, being a typical laid back sighthound, leaves such mundain tasks to 'He Who Must Be Obeyed, When It Suits'.

Christmas 2011

My thanks to Adrian - Adrian's Images - for pointing out in one of his comments how to make animated GIFs in Elements.


  1. You have sorted it. The video is wonderful.
    Thanks for the mention.

  2. Adrian: Compared with PaintShop, Elements makes it so much easier to work with layers. About the only thing I found easier in PaintShop was using the clone brush, clone stamp in E, so for the wink I use Wireworm to move sections.

  3. John, use the spot healing brush tool and make sure content aware is on. The brush needs to be just bigger than Bobby's eye. It doesn't always work but it's quick and worth a try. CTRL+Z will undo it if it's a mess.

  4. John, I'm not a Christmas person, but that was a brilliant video. Just downloaded it.

  5. Very cute and Bobby is especially good!

  6. Great video, John! Must pass link on to daughters for Facebook - they'll enjoy it too :-)

    Brilliant gif pic with Bobby - which post did Adrian leave details on doing this? It might be fun playing around with this. Then again, like other Photoshop stuff - I could lose hours of my life ;-)

    Wishing you a good week. Hope you don't have the same kind of storms as we did last week - not fun at all.

  7. Adrian: I don't think that would have done what I wanted as I was trying to move the edge of the upper eyelid down. I first tried to lasso an area but couldn't work out how to copy and use the bit I had lassoed - maybe it needs to turned into a stamp?

  8. Keith: Nor am I really - a set of flashing lights in the porch is my one concession.

  9. Shirl: Glad you liked the video. I though it was very cleverly done and would have taken ages to film and put together. The dogs really looked as though they were enjoying themselves.

    Look at the second comment on this post of Adrian's:


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