Thursday, 29 December 2011

Off to the Vets

Had to make a quick appointment to take Bobby to see the vet later on this morning. First thing today the poor old fellow had a fit of some sort - possibly a mild heart attack as he has had a heart murmur for a while. At 14 he is getting on a bit for a Lurcher so some old age health problems are to be expected.


Yesterday I had my own annual check up and was pleased, and relieved, to find that the results were all on the good side.


  1. Not nice to see our beloved animal pals being poorly hope Bobby gets better soon, my dog absolutely hated the vets he would shake from head to foot poor thing.

  2. Thank you for that Capt. S. Bobby behaves the same way once we get inside the surgery. I just hope he doesn't have to wait for too long.

  3. We all wish him the very best.

  4. Not too bad Keith. Patiently awaiting blood test results.


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