Thursday, 29 December 2011

Update on Bobby

The vet took some blood from Bobby this morning and has just phoned with the results. Slight anaemia which is probably age related. Otherwise liver and kidney functions were OK. She wants to give him a chest X-ray and ECG in the new year as his heart murmur is worse than the last time it was checked - level 5 on a scale of 1 to 6 (6 being the worst). This is to check for any fluid around the heart and work out the best treatment.

This morning's incident was neurological in that his back legs gave way, not for the first time. Back leg and heart problems are 'normal' for older sighthounds (greyhounds, lurchers, etc.) and at 14 Bobby has reached a grand age for his breed.

 Wake Me When the Sun Comes Out

Although stiff from being prodded about and somewhat tired B has eaten well and had a short, slow walk. I think his neck must have a cold spot where it was shaved to get at a vein.  For the moment we continue with his half tablet of Previcox (anti-inflammatory) daily plus occasional Tramadol for painful days.

I doubt there will be a Friday at the Flicks tomorrow but all being well there should be a Saturday at the Cinema.


  1. That is a grand old age John.

  2. Poor wee mite. Like us all he is past his best but he is a beauty and we wish him well.
    You too John, a heart wrenching time.

  3. It is Roy. 90+ equivalent in our years.

  4. Thank you Adrian. A bit fraught to say the least. One of the hazards of taking on older rescue dogs. I've been through similar situations twice already in the past 15 years but it gets no easier.

  5. I bet you're both glad he's back home.
    Hope his treatment goes well.
    All the very best to you both John.

  6. So sorry to hear Bobby has not been well. Hopefully the treatment will ease his difficulties and that he'll be around for much longer. He looks such a sweet dog.

    I'm glad that your own medical checkup went well. :) Always a great way to start out the new year.

    Wishing you all the best for a super year and I hope the Birdy Bistro has a good turn out to welcome in 2012.

  7. Bobby certainly looks pretty comfortable in his chair! Wishing you both an excellent new year.


  8. Thank you Glo. He is very patient and considerate and normally good with people if not with other dogs, apart from his girlfriends.

    The Birdy Bistro gets very busy on cold days.

    Best wishes to you and yours for 2012.

  9. Thank you Wilma. That was an old photo of Bobby though he is looking more comfortable at the moment after our latest early morning jaunt to the vets.

    Very best wishes to you and yours for 2012


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