Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wings on Wednesday - Collared Doves

As usual these past few weeks the lighting has been abysmal for decent photography, especially of birds at the feeders as the Birdy Bistro only catches the Sun for about an hour each day at this time of year.

The Collared Doves were quick to work out that the plank I put under the feeders was just right for them to reach feeders they never normally manage to get near.

Collared Dove 2

Collared Dove 1


  1. They're pretty smart John.
    I've a couple of clever ones that visit here too.

  2. I thought my original comment may have gone AWOL. They are survivors. They need brains for that.

  3. Yes Adrian, didn't see any other comments from you. They use more of their little brains than many two legged creatures without wings ;)


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