Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday at the Flicks - Pheasant at the Birdy Bistro + Mobile Food

One of the fat feeders was on a string which meant it revolved every time a bird pecked at it but that was no problem for a Starling which learned to peck in the direction the food was rotating.

The other day when I photographed the Pheasant visiting the Birdy Bistro I managed to take some video at the same time.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you.

Bobby was a bit perkier yesterday and had a shot session of barking at passers by for the first time for several days. He even managed to race up and down the garden a couple of times.


  1. Good to hear that Bobby is asserting his authority John.
    And those Starlings are pretty smart. :-)

  2. Great videos John, hope you have a top weekend :-)

  3. Smart starling and smart-looking pheasant! Glad Bobby is feeling more himself.

  4. A bright bird is the starling...Good to hear Bobby has cheered up.

  5. Really enjoyed your flicks! That pheasant is a plump one, and no wonder :)

  6. That's brilliant news about Bobby. Please send him my best wishes! xx Matron

  7. Yes Wilma, Small heads and small brains but they make good use of them.


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