Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Where Have all the Fat Balls Gone?

I thought the fat balls had suddenly become very popular. Normally I need to add one to the feeder each day. Today I saw the culprit.

Pheasant 11

The idea of the 4inch (10cm) wide plank was for the smaller ground feeders to get at the seeds. As I had taken down one of the feeders a couple of days ago that obviously left just enough space for a determined Pheasant to have a seat at the Birdy Bistro.

Pheasant 10


Bobby went for his X-ray at 9 a.m. this morning but I don't collect him another three hours yet so nothing to report. We were both woken at 4 a.m. this morning as the strong wind was blowing a tropical downpour straight at the front windows. I couldn't get back to sleep so we went walkabout at 5 a.m. - the rain had died down quite a bit by then.  A very peaceful walking time is that with no selfish speeding motorists throwing excess spray over the footpath.


  1. Well worth a fat ball or five he's a lovely bird. I may have mentioned they are easy to tame.
    Good luck with Bobby. Let us know how he is.

  2. That sparrow needs to go on a New Year's diet :-)

  3. I love the look on that Pheasants face in the first lol

    Wishing Bobby well.

  4. You did Adrian. I know it's hard to shoo away so I may try it one day.

  5. Ha Ha W.R. I'm definitely overfeeding them.

  6. It gave me the same look Keith, when I tried to shoo it off the plank. That 'What's your problem?' look.

  7. You try it. They are a bit thick but it wll be pecking on the door for food and a cuddle in no time.

  8. what fun! what does Bobby make of the newcomer?


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