Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wings on Wednesday - Pheasant + Tree Sparrows + BGB

The cock Pheasant continues to be a regular visitor to the garden.

Cock Pheasant

Another regular Winter visitor is the Tree Sparrow. They spend most of the year in the hedgerows of the local fields but in Winter will often join with the House Sparrows to visit garden feeders. They seem to have bred well last season as I now get up to a dozen visiting at the same time.

Tree Sparrows

BGB  (RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch)
For those in the UK the weekend 28th / 29th January is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch weekend. The idea being to watch for any one hour period on one of those days to record the maximum number of each species of bird which visits a garden. Full details can be found on the RSPB site HERE.

Apparently the last aurora was one of the most spectacular seen in the Artic regions. Unfortunately none has been seen this far South but I did see a report that the previous display was seen at Tan Hill in Yorkshire.
A picture can be seen in The Telegraph HERE.
Also some photos on the BBC News site HERE.
Plenty of orange sky here but that was just the street lights reflecting from mist and low cloud!


  1. Wow John, a very fortunate man to have Tree Sparrows in the garden. Lovely selection of shots of them; and of course the Pheasant.

  2. Lovely captures John. I can see it now! You and your new pal the Pheasant, sitting side by side in your deckchairs in the Summer ;-)

  3. can you send some Tree Sparrows to Somerset please John, I miss these chirpy birds

  4. They are doing very well round here Keith.

  5. I think Mr Pheasant will have other things on his mind Jan when the weather improves lol.

  6. Sorry W.R. they were too fast to catch lol.


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