Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Cloudy Dog

Funny how the brain tries to make sense of random things. I was gazing out of the kitchen window and watching the clouds:


One particular formation immediately made me think of a dog lolloping along with its floppy ears bouncing and its bushy tail blowing in the wind.


By the time I got round to photographing it the shape was already breaking up.

This morning while I was processing the files I could see the dog but this time it has a cat riding on its back.


The above should give an insight of my peculiar imaginative processes. Oh dear. Does that mean I need a larger or smaller allowance of vino?


  1. Love it John lol

    I'd say stick with the vino. :-)

  2. Ha Keith. I'd say definitely dog but dog with a squirrel on his back. Just me?

  3. Saw the dog as soon as you mentioned it, but didn't see the cat. I like to see things in the clouds too.

    1. It's a pity they change shape so quickly, often before they can be photographed.


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