Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday at the Flicks - Thief - Woodpecker - Clouds

When I checked the overnight recordings a few days ago I saw that the black, bird killer cat was helping itself to the dried mealworms I scatter around for the visiting hedgehogs:

Yesterday the same cat was hunting a grey wagtail which was wandering too close. Penny and I about turned and wandered back. First the bird flew off and then as we got closer the cat beat a hasty retreat.

A couple of days ago the Great Spotted Woodpecker paid another visit to the peanut feeder at the bottom of the garden. This time I managed to take a few bits of video:

My replacement router arrived and to start with uploads to YouTube seemed to work OK but last night I was having real difficulties but even changing to an old router, which usually works well, there were still very long pauses. In the end I gave up and opened an account with Vimeo. My first test upload went smoothly - another cloud timelapse job:

That one was an experiment to find out how many photos the 4GB card would hold. I reduced the quality on the 360D to medium and set it up to take a shot every 5 seconds. After about one and a half hours I changed the battery in the camera as it was running low. Fortunately the tripod I use allows me to get at the battery compartment without disturbing the camera. The set up kept going for 3hr 41min and took 2652 shots. By that time the space left counter on the camera was down to single figures. The video was produced at 15 frames per second which made for a smoother animation.

Have a great weekend observing nature and wildlife around you.


  1. Great....I'm happy that the woodpecker is a regular.
    The clouds are brilliant as ever in fact the best yet.

    1. It may come more often than I see it though many a time it probably gives it a miss when the brat pack are squabbling over the feeders.
      Smooth cloud movement needs lots of photos at short intervals.

  2. A good looking female Great Spot John.
    I like photographing cloud formations, very interesting.

    1. Cloud formations are often very interesting. I like to spot the way they move at different speeds and directions when there are several layers of them.


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