Monday, 20 August 2012

Guess What - Revisited

A bit if a clue to go with last Friday's Guess What as no one came near the correct answer. The guesses were good as far as interpreting what could be seen and I would probably have given a similar answer but you need to think vegetable and not animal.

A bit wider view to help you:
2012-08-16 15.28.47c.jpg


  1. Hi John, I looked at your previous post last night and all I could think of was snail eggs but now I am completely baffled!

    Lovely to see the Swallows on the earlier post but it is so sad that they will be leaving us soon, what a write off Summer has been :-(

    Great photos of the Venus Fly Trap. I could do with one of those strapped to me when I go out, the biters are everywhere this year, thankfully no Blandford Flies far...

  2. Butterfly eggs....Go on put me out of my misery.

  3. fern spores on the underside of a frond.


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