Saturday, 25 August 2012

Stormy Day Updated

Adrian asked whether I had recorded the air pressure. Yes sir. See below.
A second storm has passed through bringing this afternoon's rainfall total to 2.5 inches (64mm) so far:

Rain 2012-08-25_164459.jpg

Air temperature dropped both times:

Temp 2012-08-25_164527.jpg

The pressure dropped overnight as some rain clouds passed through the area and there were some noticeable changes as the storms passed through.

Air Pressure 2012-08-25_164425.jpg

With the rate of rainfall gutters just overflowed so my back lawn has begun to turn in to a lake.

 2012-08-25 17.02.51c.jpg

By the looks of the sky there is more to come yet and this is the dry side of the country!


  1. Thanks John, still dry here.

  2. I'm surprised a fall of 0.5mb/hour produced such heavy rain. Just shows we know nothing about weather.

    1. A lot to do with thermals plus the air being forced up as it crosses the Lincolnshire Wolds maybe. The photo on the previous entry shows several sections of cloud rising steeply.

  3. Even for someone used to real tropical storms that's a lot of rain. I'll be interested to hear if you eventually got even more rain. I would guess that is the big difference in storms in your part of the world. Ours out here in Australia do tend to keep going for much longer - with a resulting 6 inches of rain sometimes. Then the yard really does turn into a lake!

    1. Fortunately that was about the last of it for the day. Total was 2.6 inches. By this morning all the water had gone from the back garden. I think I'll manage without the 6 inches of rain ;)

  4. How does your rain gauge measure rain fall?


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