Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Taking a Breather

What does the amateur garden wildlife observer do to have a rest. Well, if you are like me you expend energy to save energy in the long run. For a few years I have debated whether to buy one of those garden swing seat arrangements but these days I am not built for sitting upright for very long. Reclining, now that is another matter. I could recline for England with no problem. Whilst looking through various sites for garden seats I came across a more novel idea which appealed to me so there and then, well after finding about the cheapest place with overnight delivery, I e-handed over the readies before the idea ended up on the Round Tuit pile and sat back to wait. For what? A Dream Hammock.

Yesterday it duly arrived, in various pieces for self assembly of course. A browse of the instruction booklet gave a distinct impression it was along the reputed Ikea school of instructions. This was not a job to be undertaken lightly as the completed thing weighs in at around 40Kg. In spite of the instructions, the provided spanners not fitting the nuts and one small bit being missing I had the skeleton erected in about an hour. having found a suitable replacement for the missing part:


Soon followed by the 'seat'. (There is a cushion to go over that)


No time to test it out though as very soon after reaching this stage the heavens opened - nothing new there then.

Once this morning had warmed up a bit I fitted the cushion ready for the test drive to see whether it would live up to its dreamy name. Of course the on site supervisor kept a watchful eye on proceedings:


Not as cantankerous as a true hammock it still takes a little practice to find the best way of getting on and off as the seat section hangs on a single support and can rotate and rock to some extent.;

(Soundtrack created using Loop Twister on the iPad)

Is it dreamy? 100% so. (or if you are a numerically challenged Chancellor of the Exchequer, 110%)  Once in place on the hammock the shape makes for very comfortable reclining and the way it gently rocks and rotates a little in the wind is very soothing. As you can see I still use my old sunshade as the fiddly one on the hammock is of only partial use, depending on the Sun's position in the sky. Bet the weather takes a nose dive now!


  1. That is just fantastic. It looks like an eastern chariot without wheels or a hangglider without a wing. I'd stick to tea or coffee whilst lying in it.

    1. It's a terrific concept Adrian. The motion is gentle so a tot or three won't go amiss.

  2. That's brilliant John. It looks really exotic! It was such fun seeing you use it but the best bit is that before I started the video I wondered who the schoolboy was that you had got to model it. I honestly thought it was either a young relative or a neighbour's son :-)

    I think you are going to enjoy all you need is some nice weather.

    1. I had a couple of hours on it yesterday - very relaxing.
      Ah. As you can see I don't like long shorts. They irritate when they rub on my knees!

  3. That looks very comfortable John.

    I've got the more traditional type ...... swing seat, in my garden, and after a couple of sherbets, I've often woke up when it's dark.
    Well worth the money.
    Hopefully we'll have some good weather for a while, so you can get the use from it.

    1. It is Keith - very. Sherbets sound better then the cold tea I ended up with ;)

  4. Replies
    1. After a few trials I think I've now got the hang of getting on and off without it doing its force nine at sea impression.


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