Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Venus is Working Hard

Nah! Not the goddess of love, beauty, fertility and prosperity. Think of the plant variety, the Venus Fly Trap. Earlier in the year it surprised me by producing flowers which, incidentally appear to be producing seeds. This plant, unlike others of the same variety I have had in the past, has been doing a grand job reducing the number of flies which insist on exploring my property:

Venus Flytrap 1      Venus Flytrap 4

Venus Flytrap 3

Venus Flytrap 2

This has been a bumper year for flies. I have a traditional fly paper hanging in the kitchen window, not pretty to look at but very effective. The past couple of years it had caught something like fifteen flies over each Summer. This year there are over forty already and room for more.


  1. That's a plant I could never get to grow John.
    Good to see it working so well.

    1. I've always failed in the past Keith. It's in direct Sunlight and the conservatory reaches 30C+ at times. The main thing which helps appears to be keeping the saucer topped up with rain water.

  2. I'll have to get one for the van....flies are a damn pest this year.

    1. With the fly explosion this year I could do with a dozen of them.


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