Monday, 24 September 2012

And the Winners Are .....

gold starThree people correctly identified last Monday's Guess What macro photo so my congratulations and a virtual  gold star goes to Adrian, ImaBurdie, and Jan for spotting it was part of a fir / pine cone.

2012-09-15 10.09.06.jpg
iPhone + mini microscope

2012-09-15 10.12.36_fhdr.jpg 

Nothing new this week as nothing suitable has caught my eye yet.

For those in the know - how do I get text to flow round a picture? The gold star part of my posts always looks so untidy. I write in plain text, not html. Aha - Solved - I should have searched YouTube in the first place. Once the graphic is in place in the Blogger editor just click on it to bring up a pop-up to choose how it and the text goes. The same pop-up allows captions to be added to graphics.


  1. John as far as I can see it won't using blogger.
    You can try using Word and pasting into the blog editor.
    It's raining I'll look into the matter and report back in six weeks or so., quicker if I can sort it faster.

    1. Found a solution Adrian. It's built in to the Blogger text writer. Now redone and I think it looks a lot better.

  2. I can't find an easy way ask MARK. He'll know. I have always found him a great help.

  3. Maybe 'paint' would be the answer? Then save it as a jpeg, and publish as a picture.

    1. Solution found in Blogger Keith. Have re done it. Should look neater now.

  4. Better late than never with commenting? I have enjoyed all your postings, but obviously missed out on commenting! I loved Penny's walk with camera and her point of view...especially endearing was her little pink tongue. I enjoyed seeing your hammock chair and brelly video, which seemed to bring on the rain, naturally! Also enjoying your videos, and photos... all your clearing out of houses for your birds and hedgehog. See, I have been around...just very quietly.


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