Friday, 28 September 2012

Baby Snail + Monty the Pillow

When I lifted the lid of the recycle wheelie bin I saw the smallest snail I had ever seen. Obviously snail eggs must hatch out to become tiny snails but I am sure this is the first time I have seen one anywhere near this size.

Baby Snail 2.jpg

Not my thumb but my little finger near the snail which measured about 10mm full stretch.

Baby Snail 1.jpg

Soundtrack - MIDI file played through Animoog app on the iPad

Penny and Monty the Moose becomes Penny and Monty the pillow:
She often uses Freddy the Fox or Monty the Moose as a head rest.
Penny is sporting her reflective collar ready for dark early morning walkies.

Penny with Monty the pillow.jpg

Have a great weekend observing the wild and domestic life around you.


  1. That is a smart collar...having white or generally white dogs it's an expense I don't have.

    1. Adrian. What your little darlings need are GPS tracking collars so you can find out where they have disappeared to in the long grass ;)

  2. Oh my word John, that is really small! I've also never seen them that small, either the don't make it because of the Thrushes in my garden (great snail-lovers!) or they're very good at hiding!

    1. I would guess, Maree, that they usually hatch out under damp vegetation where we don't notice them. It wouldn't be much of a meal for a Thrush. ;)

  3. That is one small snail!

    Lovely shot of Penny too.

  4. Hi John, I'm almost tempted to say how sweet....but then I think about all the plants it will eventually devour ;-)

    However, Penny definitely is sweet especially slumbering like that with her pal :-) I do like her collar, that is an excellent idea!

    Hope you both have a lovely weekend and that the weather is kind to you. It has felt much more like November than September to me this week. After such a disappointing Summer I'm just not ready for it!

  5. is that collar a misplaced Halo for the Angel in the chair?.

  6. Penny looks so relaxed and happy!


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