Monday, 10 September 2012

Cleaning up the Sunset

The view from my front garden gives a good view of the sky but the telephone wires and the support pole do tend to get in the way. Last evening most clouds in all directions were coloured by the rays from the setting Sun.

This was the view towards the South East:


By judicious use of the Wireworm plugin in Photoshop Elements it was possible to eliminate the objects which were spoiling the scene, plus a little extra tweak with the ReDynaMix plugin. The wide angle setting on the camera causes the apparent lean of the house on the left of the view.

Sunset P1040094.jpg

The view directly toward the setting sun only needed cropping and a bit of tweaking, again with the ReDynaMix plugin:

 Sunset P1040090.jpg

Borders were added with one from the Border Mania plugin. Both views taken with the Lumix TZ7 with the Sunset scene setting.

Camera Nest Box: Less than 48hrs since I cleaned it out and it has already been visited by a Great Tit. Early days yet but maybe it will get used next Spring for the third year running.


  1. I use the spot healing brush tool with content aware ticked. Like wire worm brush size and stroke lenght are critical foe seamless results.

    1. I did try that method some time ago but keep going back to Wireworm. Probably because I have used it a lot in the past. I like the way the unwanted object can be slid in any direction giving some choice on the background matching in awkward places.


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