Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday at the Flicks - Penny

Just a couple of videos of the hairy monster this week.
According to the information from the greyhound rescue centre Penny came from tomatoes help with aching, well worn joints so she got to taste the first tomato to ripen this year. Although she loves tinned tomatoes, well to be honest I haven't found anything she has refused to eat yet, I had no idea how she would react to one straight off the bush.  After a long sniff and a couple of tentative licks Penny tucked in:

The sound track was made using a few short files from my old eJay CDs

A few days ago I decided to give the Eyenimal video camera another outing. This time I tucked the clip in to the waist band of my trousers to see what the result would be like. Just a few sections from a 15min video as we walked round the block.

My reference to 'breeding again' refers to Clinton having got himself yet another old caravan to 'do up'. He does a fine job with them, often completely rebuilding the inside and making sure they are weather proof and road worthy.

Apple iOS6 Maps:
Having seen some of the awful mess in the new Apple maps which replaces Google Maps in iOS6 I will not be bothering to upgrade my iPhone or iPad. What is the fuss about? If you want to see some comparisons between the two have a look on HERE. A farm labelled as an airfield, melted roads and bridges, fuzzy pictures, towns and cities missing or moved location. In my opinion definitely not fit for purpose and puts Apple to shame. Google mappers must be laughing their socks off at such a shoddy attempt to replace them.

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing, or not doing as the case may be.


  1. The camera is amazingly good. First time I've seen a dog tackle a tomato.
    Great video for Friday breakfast.

  2. Adrian: The camera seems to have a good lens as the video is only 640x480. The problem is finding some was to stabilize it but such equipment is relatively bulky.
    Bobby wouldn't have touched tomatoes. Years ago I had a Jack Russell which liked raw potato.

    1. There is a start HERE.
      It will require a SD card reader and more knowledge than I have. The pendulum contraptions must be past their time.

    2. Great video of Penny enjoying her tomato.

    3. Ahe really did enjoy it in the end Keith.

  3. Well I did enjoy the walk with you and Penny and I do love Penny's 'snowflake' coat, John! It was so interesting to 'go with you' step by step seeing all the sights which are so familiar to you. It looks a very nice place to live. I seem to remember Clinton is the gentleman whose 90th birthday party you went to a while ago although I may have that wrong, if it is him, I think it is marvellous he is so active, obviously keeping busy keeps him fit!

    I had no idea dogs would eat tomatoes or that they are beneficial to canine health. I must see what Louis makes of them. I was surprised by your comment to Adrian about raw potatoes, I thought they were poisonous.

    Your Sparrowhawk photos were excellent! It amused me that it took a seat while waiting for breakfast :-)

    Nice, unusual views of your greenhouse dragon too.

    1. A pity, Jan, the result of walking makes the video so wobbly. The colouring on Penny's coat is called Angel Dust though she is not quite angelic enough to warrant it yet!
      81 this year for Clinton. Yes he is very active in spite of expected aches and pains.

      Bobby wouldn't touch any fruit or veg. I know green potatoes are poisonous Jan. I used to eat raw chunks of potato when I had enough teeth ;)

  4. Imagine a late August day, 3 pups in the garden, 5 assorted mature cherry tomato plants, minutes later, no more assorted cherry tomatoes, Priceless.

    I enjoyed the walk.

    1. Fortunately Penny can't have any pups ;)

  5. Penny is being so delicate with that tomato! Leo just snaps and takes a couple of my fingers with it! Very interesting about the link to aching and stiff joints. Perhaps they know something we don't?

  6. A real dual character is Penny, Matron. So gentle taking food. Won't push through a door if the gap is too narrow yet other time she's like a bull in a china shop.

    The rescue centre say they don't know how or why tomatoes seem to help with joints but recommend a tin of tomatoes a week as well as a tin of sardines a week for a healthy coat. She loves both, in fact any food is adored, fortunately. Bobby was so different, a really fussy eater forever changing his mind over what he wanted to eat.


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