Sunday, 21 October 2012

Autumn on the Turntable

After fixing everything for the Arduino / stepper motor driven turntable to a board and tidying up the wiring I experimented taking a few videos. The first batch were again with the Panasonic but although I got it to the best I could with the manual focus I was constantly disappointed with the results. Then I got out the Canon XL2 not really expecting it to be able to focus close up. Was I wrong? I was really surprised just how close I could get to things so I set up a few bits gathered last Autumn. The result being:

Much better and with some more care over lighting and background I could grow to like this form of presenting some items.


  1. The idea is good and it appeals to me. Viewed full screen it lacks sharpness though. I suspect this is down to the camera and not focusing by you. It's why I am looking at medium and large format.
    What aperture were you using?

    1. Hi Adrian. XL2 is the digital tape video camera. It was running on automatic for apeture. I only wanted whatever was immediately in front of the camera to be in focus. Part of the lack of resolution is double processing. Once Corel Video Studio has saved a file I then put it through Daniusoft Video Converter to go from mp3 to avi which makes the file up to 50% smaller to save upload time. Wouldn't have to do that if I had fibre optic bandwidth but my max of 440bps upload speed on copper is a bind.

    2. I must take the 1.4x tele converter off the XL2. That may help, with less glass in the way. I'd forgotten about that Adrian.

    3. Thanks John....perfection is impossible...I am getting fed up with the internet it allows mediocre to appear perfect. You spend so much time and effort whilst many get away with using technology they have no understanding of.

  2. Well it looks excellent to me John, very impressive! You have been busy with two projects on the go.

    Lovely spider's web photos on the previous post. We bought the David Attenborough 'Life in the Undergrowth' DVD recently which should be interesting, so much going on which we never notice. Apparently for every one of us there are 200 million invertebrates!!!

    I enjoyed Friday Flicks too, lots going on at your feeders. It was nice to see the little Robin getting in on the act also. I had one at my seed feeders the other day which is unusual, they usually feed from the tables or ground in my garden.


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