Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday at the Flicks - Garden Bird Visitors

Video clips taken yesterday when some of the regular garden bird visitors came to the Birdy Bistro.

Anna's Theme
from the Pulse CD
by Positively Dark

 Positively Dark Pulse CD Cover

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Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you.

Raingauge Project:

Very slow progress really. Mainly caused by trying to get accurate timing. As I want to store the previous day's reading and update weekly, monthly and yearly totals at midnight each night good time keeping is needed.

The two different cheap real time clock modules I bought which use the DS1307 chip work but their timekeeping is very lax. One gained 5 seconds a day the other lost 10 seconds a day.

After further research I found one supplied by Love Electronics using the DS3231 chip which has an accuracy of +-2 ppm. (+- 1 second in 23 days) Relatively much more expensive but it works with the same code as the cheap ones and seems to live up to its reputation.

Also I now have an SD card reader and got the code working to read from the card. Next will be testing writing information to it



  1. A grand movie today.
    Glad you are getting on top of the Arduino project without it driving you mad.

    1. Thank you Adrian.
      Getting there slowly but I have to give it a rest every so often before it does drive me mad. Also searching for relevant information seems to take ages. Thank goodness for the free CutePDF printer driver which can save web pages as PDF files for future reference.


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