Monday, 8 October 2012

Macro on Monday - Guess What

There were a couple of close guesses for last week's Guess What.

2012-09-30 12.02.38c.jpg

It could well be described as embroidery Adrian. Glo was so very close in thinking it was part of Penny's reflective collar. In fact it was a different collar. I had bought this one as it looked very swish with its gold and purple.

2012-09-30 12.27.29.jpg

Unfortunately having embroidery was not a good choice. I think it was a bit itchy in spite of having a silky lining. Every time she had a good scratch at it her claws caught and pulled the threads. In less that a week it looked really tatty. Lesson learned - for house collars stick to printed materials.

My thanks to those who were brave enough to have a guess.

On to a new Guess What.
Can you work out what this is part of?


Clue; What little boys are made of?

No prizes. Just for fun.


  1. It is definitely a bit of cinnamon stick. Unless it's something else.

  2. Either a slug or a snail, that's what little boys are made of! ;)
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  3. Could it be part of a snake's body?

  4. 2 choices for a Gold star....a snail?.

  5. After last week's 'brave' effort, (very gallant of you to describe it thus John) but I think laughable is probably more accurate :-) I shall nevertheless see what sort of fool I can make of myself with this one! Well, I'm pretty sure it's not a 'puppy dog's tail' and as far as I can remember that leaves me with the choice between a 'slug and a 'snail' so after much deliberation, I am going to opt for part of a snail. I may well be wrong!!

    Interestingly, after writing the above I have looked the rhyme up and as is so often the case, it is not as clear cut as it first seemed. It appears there are variations, the one I am familiar with being the more 'modern' version but apparently earlier versions have substituted 'frogs', 'snakes' or 'snips' for 'slugs'. Thank you John, that's something new I've learnt today :-)


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