Monday, 15 October 2012

Macro on Monday

It looks as though the Gold Star goes back in the safe for another week as most opted for the wrong creature, apart from John who hedged his bets. Most latched on to the old rhyme which was alluded to in the clue:

What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice and all things nice.

What are little boys made of?
Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails.

The close up was part of a small slug I caught climbing up a wheelie bin one night.



My thanks to all who gave it a whirl and had a guess.

On to this week's Guess What.
I will admit I was struggling to think of something new:

2012-10-15 09.51.37.jpg

If you have been reading the blog recently then you should be able to guess what this is part of.

No prizes. Just for fun.

Amazing Jump
I wonder how many of you watched Felix Baumgartner jump from 24 miles up above the Earth. I happened across a link to the live broadcast just as the balloon and capsule were about 20 miles up and was transfixed. Fascinating to listen to them go through the series of checks as he prepared to leap. Waiting patiently as the air pressure was released from the capsule to equal the near vacuum outside. See the door open as the pressures equalized. Watch Felix slide his seat to the opening and stand outside. Final checks and then the big leap. The live broadcast was able to watch him all the way down to a safe landing.

Can you imagine travelling at over 800mph without the aid of a vehicle? That special suit had to stand up to a lot to keep Felix safe.

Here is a bit of video from German TV showing the view from an on suit camera on the way down.


  1. It has to be a bit of your Arduino.
    That jump was fantastic....Mad as a box of frogs he is.

  2. Please see photo P1040203.jpg taken on 10/13/2012, is now posted on Flickr, it is part of the board for your meter you are working on. The guess what part is located to the right of your USB port in the photo mentioned above.


  3. Dunno what the what is it is; but that Felix was incredible.

    1. Wouldn't catch me up there Keith. I get wobbly a few steps up a ladder.

  4. I guessed 'snake' because in our version of the poem, it is snakes and snails etc. I also watched Felix live. It was certainly exciting, and I held my breath when he seemed sluggish just before he stepped out.

    1. Bonnie. I noticed how slowly he was answering - had a lot on his mind.

  5. Do you think Felix was saying: "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi" when he was free falling to know exactly when to open his parachutte?

    I watched it on the Blog first, then had to wait for the supper time news at home to see the entire thing. The film was absolutely fantastic!!!except for the spinning out of control parts.

    1. He was probably wishing the Earth would stand still.

  6. My very late guess is that it is part of your rainfall measuring gauge but which part I don't know...the display maybe?

    Yes, I too watched the live Felixstowe Baumgarten jump. I was really disappointed earlier in the week when it couldn't go ahead due to the weather and when it wasn't on the Thursday as planned either I thought it had been abandoned altogether so was pleased to come across it by chance. It was really fascinating. I'm still not sure whether he was brave or foolhardy though :-)

    1. Just my thoughts as well Jan. Brave or foolish.

  7. Sorry about 'Felixstowe', that was the iPad predictive text gone mad :-)


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