Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Not Hibernating Yet

It can't be very long before the Hedgehogs think about hibernating. Night temperatures are still reasonable at the moment and this one was seen helping itself to dried mealworms just before dawn this morning:

Penny knew it had been about and spent ages at the hole in the fence they use to gain access to the garden.

No sign recently of any activity in the Hedgehog House, not even the mouse.


  1. It might be wet but it is mild still.

  2. Hi John,
    We are still getting 3 Hedgehogs per night here. Last winter we had one visit nearly continuously, even with snow on the ground!?
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    1. Most unusual John. Never seen one in Winter.

  3. Hopefully the hedgehogs will locate the sanctuary when the nights become even chillier. We are experiencing an amazingly beautiful autumn with bright skies, and up to 19 C today which is such a bonus. Nice that Penny is keeping her eye on the garden. I'm sure she sees lots of interesting sights there...does she wear the camera anymore?

    1. I had to laugh the other night Glo. Penny refused to step out of the back door. What stopped her? A small frog was in the way. So much for my big brave hunting dog. ;)

      I keep forgetting about the camera.


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