Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Sunny Day - for a change

Saturday was a lovely sunny day though with a cool breeze. There are only a few flowers showing as yet but the extra warmth from the Sun should encourage more.

2013-03-02 09.32.34crop.jpg

2013-03-02 09.36.38crop.jpg

What was nice to see was the first bees of the season busily visiting the crocuses:


Surprisingly I didn't notice any bumble bees.

Of couse, madam was making the most of the sun:


For our lunch time walk we took a tour round the edge of the cricket field. From the bottom of the field I could see part of one of the rookeries. The rough piles of sticks which pass for nests are easy to spot:


Most of the trees in that area are deciduous and exposed to the cold winds so there isn't much sign of new life yet:


Hidden amongst the trees are some outbuildings which serve as stores and shelter for the sheep which usually graze nearby:


Next to one of the Poplars is an older tree which has been shaped by the prevailing westerly winds:


For our afternoon walk we went to have a look at one large field which is usually arable but this year has a large flock of sheep grazing. Amongst the usual all white sheep were a few with black faces and about four brown sheep. A type I haven't noticed before in this area:


Maybe several people are sharing the cost of hiring the field for grazing. Most of the sheep are heavily pregnant so it won't be long before there are Spring lambs frolicking about.


  1. Yes John, I think we have turned the corner and summer is on the way.

    1. Still a bit variable Adrian but we're getting there.

  2. It must be the weather as I've been [laying with photos too

    1. Too cold outdoors Sue for me so tinkering with photos passes the time.

  3. Lovely to see definite signs of Spring, John. Nice to see Penny enjoying some sunshine too :-)

    1. Jan. Penny actually got too hot on Saturday. Bobby, being white, wasn't so bothered though he did feel the cold more.

  4. penny is a cute sun pup. :) i like the brown sheep! i don't know if i've ever seen them before, either!

  5. She certainly behaves like a pup TWG.

  6. Loved your tontine shots and impressionist video from the previous post! what did you do to the first 2 shots today? They are very appealing. I am back in Minnesota for a bit for work and am really missing the warmth and sun. Good to see you and Penny enjoying a warm day out.

    1. Hello Wilma: Those first two shots were taken using the ToonCamera app on the iPhone4.

  7. I also enjoy your magical video walk yesterday :) What a great idea! Nice to see spring springing up in and around your neighbourhood. Very relaxing and peaceful pictures. Must be nice to have a bee in your crocus, rather than a deer biting its head off ;)


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