Sunday, 31 March 2013

Coldest UK Easter Recorded

According to a tweet from Weatherquest it is officially the coldest Easter ever recorded as the temperature in Braemar fell to -13C last night. Temperature map can be found at:

First thing this morning my local temperature fell to -3.5C though once the Sun came out it soon rose above freezing.

My recordings for March 2011 - 2013 show:
(Red for temperature in degrees Celsius, blue for apparent temperature taking into account wind chill)

Temp March 2011.jpg

Temp March 2012.jpg

Temp March 2013.jpg

 Hedgehog(s) were in and out of the hedgehog house last night. Following a tip form Jan I changed the dog food to a chicken flavour variety and it was all gone by this morning. No sighting of a cat.


  1. I thought it was a bit chilly. I'm glad your records confirm it. I was starting to think I was getting nesh.

  2. It was a bitterly cold night here John, the local weather map said minus 5 but I think it was probably even more than that! We still have drifted snow in the hedgerows too.

    So pleased the tip worked :-)

  3. yay! glad they ate the 'new' dog food!

  4. Very telling charts John.
    It doesn't look much better for at least a week.


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