Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Food for the Hedgehog

When I checked the hedgehog house this morning I saw that the bit of tinned dog food I had put in there had been eaten. I have no idea what ate it - hedgehog, mouse or other furry creature? I took the opportunity to move the house to the hedgehog feeding area and give it a clean out. As it is in view of the camera I might find out what is visiting.

Of course I had a supervisor checking everything. After Penny watched me put some of her food in the hedgehog house she dashed indoors to gobble up the food in her dish in case that was given away as well.

I was pleased to see the male Blackcap visit the seed feeder this morning and I also spotted a grey squirrel slinking away as I went out the back door.


  1. It will be interesting to see what happens John.

    Love the video with Penny supervising every move :-)

    1. Jan - I was unpacking some suet balls into a tub this afternoon and you know who had to lick every one to make sure they were just right!

  2. Let's hope it works and you get some pictures.


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