Monday, 11 March 2013

Macro on Monday - Guess What

gold starCongratulations and virtual gold stars to Adrian. TexWisGirl and Wilma who correctly identified last week's Guess What as a piece of rock salt. There has been plenty of that scattered on our roads during this long period of low temperatures.

 2013-03-04 07.48.04c2.jpg


This week's macro is part of a rather crunchy but tasty treat from Morocco.
Guess What:


No prizes, just for fun.

I don't seem to have picked a very good day for my little summer house to be delivered. The temperature is below freezing and the weather is a mixture of alternating sunny, blue sky and blustery, heavy snow showers.


  1. Hi John, I was completely stumped by last week's competition but am hoping I will fare better this week. I think it must be a strawberry....or is that too obvious I wonder.

    I hope the summerhouse arrives safely and that all goes well when you erect it.

  2. looks like a strawberry, but could it be that easy?


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