Thursday, 30 May 2013

Panolapse - Part 2

It is possible to make a video from one still photo with Panolapse. The main thing is that Panolapse requires a series of photos to work on. How to get round that? Make many copies of the same photo - copy the original image to a new folder, click on it, Ctrl-C to copy, hold Ctrl-V to keep making copies. They will be numbered and I found Panolapse seemed to get confused with numbers less than 100 so I made around 600 copies of a panorama image and deleted the first 100 to end up with around 500.

Choosing the sections of the image to start and end with is done in the same way as with time lapse photos.

Original stitched panorama photo:

 Copy (100) of 001

End result using Panolapse (Trial edition) and Image to Video:

BTW - I seem to have cured my uploading problems with YouTube. I now copy the video to a memory stick and use the laptop. Whether it's Windozy 7 which handles things better than XP I don't know. The main thing is it works.

Sorry I had to switch off the streaming video from the nestbox a few times - my processor was struggling with the load while Panolapse was strutting its stuff.


  1. It gets better. Is it possible to put a key frame at the end and copy it backwards. It should then just keep rolling round as a Giff file.

  2. Adrian: I don't see any mention of that sort of facility.


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