Friday, 3 May 2013

Still Nest Building

Mrs GT fetched some more nesting material this morning.
It looks as though there are still 8 eggs in the nest so it seems that laying has now finished. Assuming incubation has started then we should be able to look forward to the first hatching sometime near the 16th May. Better weather should increase the insect population which will be needed for all the food these, and those in other nearby nests, will require.


  1. I can see her.....colour would be nice.

    1. Colour would be nice Adrian. At the moment that is a b/w camera. In the past I haven't had much joy with colour cameras in a nestbox.

  2. Hi John,

    Seems to all be going well. Interesting that nesting material is still being brought in. The last few bits of hair and feathers were brought in after the first couple of eggs in our box as far as I know

  3. 1310hrs Saturday, she's sitting on the eggs and arranging her soft furnishings around the eggs! Almost as exciting as Downton Abbey ...


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