Sunday, 19 May 2013

Still Only Five Chicks?

As far as I can tell there are still five chicks in the Great Tit nest. I would think that the remaining three eggs will not hatch now, time will tell. Both parent birds seem to be doing well finding enough small food for tiny, ever hungry beaks.

It would appear the streaming video from the nestbox is reasonably popular with over 1000 'hits' so far this month. The enlarged view on midmarshnn has had over 40 visits since that went live.


  1. Well worth all your effort John. I thought I counted six this morning whilst she was out but it is difficult to tell till they open their beaks.

    1. It is difficult Adrian. I have tried several times. It's a question of seeing the open beaks as a parent arrives but before it blocks the view. There could well be six but I haven't counted that many yet.

    2. Five John and one that is a bit slow. I really like watching this and they are growing so they get cramp.

  2. Fascinating to watch this John.
    Well done for taking the time to set it all up.

  3. I'm not getting many chores done at the moment Keith ;)


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