Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Macro Bits

Sycamore seed:


Plantain Flower:


Hoverfly and Pollen Beetles:

Hoverfly and Pollen Beetles


  1. These are very good John.
    I think I make work for myself. I'll have a go with Bertha and extension tubes next week. I bought a Lottery ticket last Friday. It won. I got £4.60p add three zeros and that's me set with a medium format digital back and camera. Have to double the dream for a decent lens.

  2. John, both you and I are close enough but we are missing the individual eye lenses. Polarisers don't work but I only have circular ones. Have you got an old sheet of linear polariser to blue tack to the lens?

    1. No Adrian. I could only find a circular polariser. Is the problem that we are still not close enough in? I had a look at the photos on:
      and several don't show individual eye lenses. Maybe they are too small to resolve on a digital camera. It must be limited by pixel size.

    2. John. I'll check it out. I can go to 5x if I find a dead one. I'll get on the job.
      I just wondered about polarisers.
      I suspect I have to get closer.
      Hey it's only entertainment for me. Half the time I haven't a clue what I've found.

  3. Both John and Adrian are doing a Fantastic job with the close ups. I wonder if the insects see each piece of the flower or only see the sweet parts?

    1. ImaBurdie: From the programmes I've seen on TV they see colours differently and some parts really stand out to them.


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