Tuesday, 1 October 2013

HDR Art .....

... is an app for the iPhone which works well at 2x size on the iPad.  If you have a dowdy looking photo you want to make look more artistic then HDR Art has plenty of facilities for experimentation. Photos can be taken with the built in camera or loaded from the camera roll. Once in the app there are a whole host of possibilities for changing the look.

2013-10-01 08.16.51    2013-10-01 08.16.35

The first screen (on the left above) shows three of the possible effects. These can be flicked left or right to scroll through the whole range of 63 offered. For each there is a second screen (right above) offering various adjustment to the overall effect.

A few finished examples:

2013-09-19 09.01.27

2013-09-19 08.57.34

2013-09-19 09.14.37

 2013-10-01 08.48.49

Some effects are subtle and some are drastic and gaudy. Something to suit all tastes and scenic moods. How much does this great little app cost? A mere 99c or 69p. Although designed for the iPhone, resolution isn't limited. It will work happily with files I have imported to the iPad which were taken on the Nikon. There are three choices for the saved resolution which can go to the camera roll or be emailed, sent to Twitter and Facebook as well as being printed.

Mediachance, who produced the app, have a good video which shows things better than I can describe them:

I have no connection with Mediachance, just an enthusiastic user.


  1. These are excellent. I really like the effect on the daffodils. I will have to try it in Photoshop.

  2. Adrian: I particularly like the effect on the daffs.


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