Friday, 4 October 2013

Juvenile Goldfinches

I don't ever remember seeing juvenile Goldfinches this late in the year. I guess they have raised a second clutch of eggs this year. The young one on the right looks to me to have recently fledged:


You can tell the young Goldfinches by the missing or patchy red on top of their heads:


Here a Greenfinch is just launching itself to drop down to another feeder:

A bit of video taken yesterday with the Canon 50D running Magic Lantern.
Towards the end one decided that the queue was too long for the feeder so dropped down to try some dandelion seeds.

The black with white blobs always makes me think they are wearing a tail coat ready for a formal dinner.


  1. Replies
    1. TWG. All youngsters have that cute look don't they.

  2. Do goldfinches reside in your area year-round?

  3. I have seen very few this year. You must have them all.
    Does your Canon auto focus on magic lantern?

    1. Adrian. It's only in the past few weeks they have started arriving in any numbers.

      No. Magic Lantern need the mirror up to take video on the 50D but it needs to be down to focus. Might be different with later Canon models. One reason I have my eye on a 70D is the results I've seen on YouTube with its ability to rapidly follow focus on video.


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