Thursday, 5 December 2013

It's Been a bit Blowy

For once the forecasts were accurate. As the day progressed so the wind speed increased with some mighty gusts thrown in. The only damage I've seen so far was when we went for our afternoon walkabout. Our usual round the block route was blocked as an ancient Ash Tree had fallen across the main street:


The extra problem slowing down the clearance is the live wires in the street lamp which was crushed in the process:


Nothing for it - we turned back and retraced our footsteps home.


According to the Lincolnshire Police Twitter feed there have been 150 reported incidents on our roads so far of which 75% are fallen trees.

Fences were the only other things I noticed as suffering, including my oldest panels in the front garden which I expected might disintegrate. In fact three of them have broken in half. It is a good job I had already decided it was about time to replace them so I wasn't too bothered.


There are flood warnings all down this coast as the low pressure combined with high winds and a particularly high tide will cause a storm surge of water down the North Sea. I read that some coastal areas in Norfolk have already been evacuated. Let us hope the surge doesn't match the devastating coastal flooding of 1953. At least we should be better warned and prepared this time. I see there are severe flood warnings for the south of Lincolnshire.

At 6.45 p.m. the Environment Agency confirmed that the North Sea tidal surge is the worst since 1953. Many coastal towns have flood warnings and some sea water has overtopped the sea defences with about an hour to go until high tide.


  1. It has been a bit wild. You were lucky on your walk. We got caught in a blizzard.
    I enjoy wild weather.
    Forget the fence and buy a woodburner. It's a good job the leaves are off the trees or there would be many more casualties.

    Our leaders could always leave the Thames Barrier open. That should save the best bits of Norfolk and South Lincolnshire. I hope you are high enough to avoid inundation. Good luck.

    1. Adrian: Woodburners are popular round here but the more there are the harder it is to find cheap wood. Dear me - put the Thames Barrier down and let MPs second homes flood - how would the poor underpaid darlings manage to keep troughing at our expense?

      Reasonably above any predicted flood expectations here.

  2. A bit blowy, you say! I would say so ~ It sounds like all sorts of wild weather and flooding hitting the eastern coast. Quite early in the season, as well. Hope you keep cosy and warm. That part of the fence (or what's left of it) will be waiting come spring ~

    1. Glo. I've seen worse storms here as far as wind goes but the direction along with one of the highest tides of the year brought about quite a lot of flooding along the east coast last night.
      The fence posts are slotted so it's just a question of dropping in new panels.

  3. Wow! We had a similar experience here last Saturday night - gale force winds, trees blown over, it sounded like our roof was going to lift off and no electricity until the next morning! Very scary indeed!

    1. Maree. It can be very scary. The worst part is knowing there is nothing you can do but wait until it's over.


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