Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Heading Towards Spring

Although there have been several days with bitter winds and a few frosty mornings, February hereabouts has been quite mild. Average temperature would be around 6˚C but several days have seen  double figures by mid afternoon.

Recently some of the Crocuses have started flowering:



More of the tiny (2mm) flowers are showing on the Corkscrew Hazel bush and some of the catkins are starting to elongate as they open up:

2014-02-23-12.11.15 ZS PMax crop2014-02-23-12.07.30 ZS PMax crop

Other bulbs are beginning to show through in the garden and just up the lane the daffodils in a sheltered spot are about to open their flowers.

In the fruit cage one of the raspberry canes has got well ahead of itself producing leaves and flowers. The rest are only showing new buds so far as are the blackcurrant bushes.


A couple of Muscari flowers are just opening and the daisies in the lawn are beginning to appear:


I will probably have to give the grass a trim today as it has continued growing for much of the Winter.


  1. I suspect you are a month or two in front of me.

    1. it would seem so Adrian. I just hope we don't get a sharp snap.

  2. Having just experienced an extremely hot summer, the thought of autumn or winter looming here in South Africa is not that a repellent thought at the moment.Those Crocuses are just gorgeous John!

    1. Maree: Thank you. When we get a hotter than normal Summer it is a relief to reach Autumn.

  3. oh, those crocuses have such brilliant color! nice to see your spring!

    1. TWG: Crocuses are a welcome splash of colour at the end of Winter.


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