Sunday, 23 February 2014

Stacking a Few More

Tried a few different subjects to get more practice with taking multiple focus stacked macro shots.  Added an extra LED lamp to help with exposure and reduce the flatness of the finished result. I knew that retort stand and clamp would be useful one day:


First and last of 16 focus stacked shots of a rose which, incidentally, has continued to produce a few flowers right through the Winter:

IMG_7366  IMG_7351

The finished focus stacked photo:

2014-02-22-09.22.19 ZS PMax

A small white flower from the rockery (11 stacked shots):

2014-02-22-09.26.09 ZS PMax2

Wire covered in calcium deposits (11 stacked shots):

2014-02-22-10.05.17 ZS PMax2

Rose Hip (10 stacked shots):

2014-02-22-12.46.43 ZS PMax

Dried Mealworm (15 stacked shots):

2014-02-22-12.19.14 ZS PMax

Iris Seeds (14 stacked shots):

2014-02-22-12.21.15 ZS PMax

All stacked using the trial version of Zerene Stacker. Only the wire photo had a touch of post processing as it was too light.


  1. Good job John. The second is brilliant. I'll try and have another go today.

    1. Thanks Adrian, still a lot to learn on lighting and exposure.

  2. i like the rose hip and the wire shot best!

    1. TWG: Ah, rosehips - lovely syrup and even better wine.

  3. The lighting made a huge difference! While they are all terrific, the iris seed pod is my favorite. And the small white flowers are incredible. Once you know how to set up the lighting, camera, etc, how long does it take to set it up, take the shots, and create the multifocused final image?

    1. Wilma: The Iris seed pod is my favourite one as well.
      A hard set of questions to answer - maybe 10 mins to get everything together and in position. 5 - 10 mins to fix the specimen and position it so first and last photo will be in focus, 2 - 3 seconds for each photo as I wait a short time for any movement to settle after altering the focus. Transferring the photos to the MacBook, checking them and processing in Zerene Stacker probably takes up to 30 mins. Possibly up to an hour total for the whole process from choosing the subject to finished stacked photo.

    2. That's not bad at all given your terrific results!


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