Saturday, 5 April 2014

Egg Laying Started

Mrs Great Tit has been busy this week. She continued building up the nest and lining it with lots of fur or hair she has found.  A couple of days ago I thought I could see three eggs but it is difficult to tell as they are usually tucked well in the nest but one can be seen at the start of this video clip:

It has been an awful week with most days featuring low cloud and a sea fret making it feel really cold and damp outdoors. Today is the first time the Sun has managed to break through but only for a short while.


  1. She'll have her hands (wings? beak?) full soon!

  2. Great stuff, seems the timings of this great tit pair are pretty much in sync with the blue tits we have in our nest box at the minute. Look forward to seeing how it all goes.

    1. Hi Joe. I was surprised she started during the cold weather.

  3. Great news from the Great Tit.


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