Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Early Bird Gathers the Peanuts

Two mornings running one of the earliest bird visitors has been a Magpie arriving before 6 a.m. to gather any left over peanuts which were put out the previous night for the Hedgehog:

Mrs Great Tit is spending long periods on her nest looking after the eight eggs:


As well as the pair of Stock Doves there are several others which are daily visitors to the garden. For the first time I have a pair of Robins making several visits along with a pair of Greenfinches and a pair of Dunnocks.


  1. She must be getting on for halfway through now.

  2. i would love to see a magpie in person! i know parts of the US get them, but not here where i am in texas.

    1. TWG: They are intelligent and crafty birds, great to watch what they get up to.


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