Saturday, 29 November 2014

A Different Font Test

Trying something different for headings.
A Mac app called FontSieve is free at the time of writing.
It allows any font on your Mac to be used by creating code which embeds the data needed for the letters used from that font. For the viewer it will only show properly in browsers which can handle HTML5

Near the middle of the page you should see the text
in an outline capital font called Azteka which is coloured red.

Using an Embedded Font

Please let me know how you get on with it, especially if there is a problem with the way it displays.
It should work with these browsers;
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0+
Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile 10.0+
Mozilla Firefox 3.6+
Mozilla Firefox Android 26.0+
Google Chrome 5.0+
Google Chrome Android 32.0+
Google Android Browser 4.4+ (2.2+ when disabling WOFF compression)
Apple Safari Mac 5.1+
Apple Safari iOS 5.0+
Opera 11.1+
Opera Mobile 11.0+
Blackberry Browser 7.0+


  1. I have enough problems with OS X Yosimite especially Safari at the moment John, so I won't try this.

    1. Ah Roy. I decided to hold off upgrading from Mavericks until I see less reports of problems, preferably none!

  2. I found Mavericks to be OK John and no problems in fact I wish I had stayed with it.
    Update on the Yosimite, they have just upgraded Safari as they must have heard me swearing. Aperture still isn't running like I would like so I use Photoshop Elements for main work, but I have found a good way to work on the Blog uploading etc. I have downloaded Google Chrome and use that solely for working on the blog, it loads images much better. I also have downloaded Picasa for basic image work and resizing down for loading on the Blog.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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