Sunday, 9 November 2014

Raiders in the Night

Very few of the regular birds seem to visit these days. Weeks since I saw a Goldfinch, not since a Greenfinch brought finch disease. I cleaned, disinfected the feeders and reduced their numbers for a while but numbers of all birds visiting has stayed low. I also think a local Magpie might be scaring some away. There is a Magpie with what appears to be a damaged wing spending a lot of time around local gardens. It can fly a bit and is very adept at hopping up through the lower branches of small trees.

The only activity spotted was a couple of mice raiding the crushed peanuts I put in the Hedgehog House in case one visited:


  1. They make a change. They are opportunistic little creatures.

  2. they're so darn cute! unless they're in the house! :)
    sorry about the finch disease.

  3. Speaking of mice... I'm sure I can hear them in my bedroom at night! They climb up into the gas wall heater vent (when the gas isn't on of course) maybe I should get a cat!

    1. Matron - I used to have a loose plank in the roof space which clonked every time a mouse walked along it!


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