Thursday, 6 November 2014

Simon King Video Feeds

Little of note going on around here recently. Remarkably few birds visiting the Birdy Bistro so I thought I would mention a couple of the video feeds set up by Simon King who many will know from his nature programmes and appearances on Spring and Autumn Watch in the past.

A new camera is Scavenger Cam which has some great close shots of buzzards and other scavengers visiting an area where meat is left near the camera. It is pot luck as to when they will make an appearance so I follow the tweets from Simon King which alert people when to tune in.

The second camera is more predictable as to when there will be some action. This camera gives a wider view of an area where once again meat is put out. This time for Red Kites. It is a wider view and often over a hundred Kites can be seen visit. The beauty of this video feed is that feeding takes place at the same time every day: 2 p.m. GMT.

Links are:

Scavenger Cam

Kite Cam

These are just two on the many nature feeds set up by Simon King.
Go HERE to choose from all available feeds, including otter feeding, foxes and nest boxes.
Don't be surprised if the feed stops after watching for a while. Just start it again. I think that is done to conserve bandwidth so that people can't just start watching and forget the feed is still active.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me of these cams. I was lucky with the scavenger cam. Got a buzzard. The kite cam was just seagulls and crows with rain thrown in for good measure.


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