Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A Winter Sunrise


 Tuesday morning dawned cold but very cheerful with a glorious Sunrise.
 Viewed from my front garden:

Winter Sunrise DSCN3761

Winter Sunrise DSCN3763

Winter Sunrise DSCN3769

Winter Sunrise DSCN3770

A great pity that such views are so short lived but that makes seeing them all the more special.

All taken with the Nikon S9050. Apart from cropping only the first photo was modified using the Mac app Snapheal to eliminate a telephone pole and wires.


  1. So that is what a sunrise looks like.....Thanks for posting.
    It is amazing how easy and efficient software has got. Gone are the bad old days of having to pre-select the offending article clone from outside the selection dozens of times then add a bit of blur to disguise ones efforts. Stitching is now perfect and the days of messing with anchor pints are a distant memory. Now there is free 3D software to keep one on ones toes and keep the good old Anglo Saxon words alive and well.

    1. We do get the occasional one Adrian. Trouble with modern software is you never know how much a photo as been tinkered with these days. Part photography and part art now.

  2. gorgeous color and appreciated while it lasts.


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