Wednesday, 3 December 2014


I was reading an article about the Droste effect on the DiyPhotography site and decided to have a search for any programs or apps which could create similar effects.  Basically the Droste effect reproduces and repeats a diminishing sized part or all of a picture. On a quick search I couldn't find a stand alone program. There is at least one plug-in for CS5 but there is also an on line facility which can create a similar effect at PhotoSpiralysis which is free to use. That at least is platform independant and works as though it is loaded on your own computer. The only provision is that your computer is running Silverlight. So I just had to have a play to see what I could do with a few of my own photos:

Basically you start by choosing a photo from your computer. That uses your normal file selector. Once loaded it is then a question of experimenting with the choices on the left hand side. Lots of experimentation needed in the choice of photo and the settings. Depending on your choices part of the photo will be covered by a tinted rectangle or circle. These have three dots (for a circle) or five (for a rectangle)  The pink dot marks the point at which the process will be made and the purple ones adjust the size and / or shape of that area. It can be moved around the photo for different effects. Once finished the result is saved to your computer. This can take a while as the finished photo has to be generated and that can be quite a slow process with a large file.

A few experiments from last night:

Watch out - Tuesday Twisters could get more complicated in future!


  1. These aren't bad. I like them. It is annoying that the plug in doesn't work in CS6.
    I have a programme called Ultra Fractal It can do Droste effect and much more but it is not user friendly or maybe it is me being thick.

    1. This is a tutorial for Droste effect using Ultra Fractal

  2. pretty interesting creations! thanks for the warning on the tougher twisters!

  3. Yes, it does seem like the twisters will be more challenging! The results are very pleasing; I especially like the flowers.


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