Monday, 26 January 2015

Macro on Monday - Guess What



The virtual Midmarsh Gold Star and my congratulations go to just one person this week. Wilma got it exactly correct saying it was the +ve end of a battery.

IMG_7849     DSCN3807

Maybe this wek's mystery photo might be a little easier to puzzle out.
Guess What:

Please leave any guesses in the comments.
They, along with the answer, will be revealed next Monday.
No prizes, just for fun and possibly a virtual Midmarsh Gold or Silver Star.

Penny Progress
She continues to heal well. It will take quite a while for the repairs to reach full strength. Penny is back to playing with her toys and reminding me when it's time for walkies. It is a good job it is Winter as she is satisfied to be indoors most of the time. I have spent some time gradually clearing ground ready to install the new fencing which arrived in less than 24hrs after ordering it. I just have to get round to making a couple of gates then I can erect everything.

Another Good Day
It's nearly a year since I bought the MacBook but only found out today that my copy of Photoshop Elements 10 had installation disks for the Mac as well as Windozy so I now have that in use again. It was like finding an old trusted friend when I fired it up. Now I need to remember and find the add ons I used with it on the PC.

A brilliant sight a couple of mornings ago. It is ages since I saw a Barn Owl. I often saw them hunting along the deep ditches and dykes on the drive to work. This time I was quite surprised to see one fly straight across the village while out for our early morning perambulation. It was only half light so not a photographic opportunity but great to see one around the village for the first time in the 40+ years I have lived here.


  1. darn, that battery end was hard! this week looks like the imprint on a cracker or cookie of some sort. i'm not familiar with UK biscuits, though, so i can't say what type. :)

  2. I don't think Penney will be very happy about you photographing one of her biscuits for your macro quiz John.

  3. cracker of some sort, like a soda cracker or an animal cracker. Not sure if that is what you call them in the UK, though!
    Glad Penny is still improving.

  4. I think this is a photo of a dog biscuit ~ I was trying to figure out the imprinted letters, but to no avail. I even googled UK dog biscuit to see if there was one with a similar imprint. haha

    So glad to hear Penny continues to be healing and that the proposed fencing is nearly ready to install. Fantastic to see a barn owl.

  5. You have had a good week. It's great to hear that Penny is still getting better. Elements has been compatible with Macs for several years. I used to enjoy Elements but prefer CS6.

    Nearly forgot. It's a dog biscuit.

    1. Adrian. Yes I knew there was a version for the Mac but hadn't realised I had both versions on my set of disks.


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