Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Feeding in the Sunshine

I went out in the front garden to photograph a couple of self sown plants but ended up taking photos of insects instead.  First there was a lone Peacock butterfly finding plenty of nectar:

DSCN4217  Peacock Butterfly

DSCN4223  Peacock Butterfly

DSCN4283  Peacock Butterfly

Plus lots of Bee Flies about with males occasionally landing on a flower to feed. Even when feeding they are still partly hovering as those spindly legs are not designed for holding on to petals:

DSCN4250   Bee Fly

 DSCN4255  Bee Fly

DSCN4262   Bee Fly

DSCN4267  Bee Fly


  1. It is great to see the Bee flies. It seems ages since I saw one.

    1. Adrian: They must be breeding well around here. There seem to be more each year.

  2. the bee flies are just cool!!

    1. TWG: They look so different from the usual flies and bees.


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