Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I am Oliver


I have had a standard version of this for about three years. Can't say it has come to much. In spite of the label saying they are tolerant to -30C new growth on mine had died back each Winter so I've moved it to a spot where it gets the Sun for longer each day and should be a bit better sheltered from any cold winds.

At the moment it has catkins which looked interesting enough for a bit of focus stacking. First I tried taking some hand held photos but they were pretty useless so in the end I set up the 50D with 70-200 zoom lens plus Raynox macro lens with LED ring light on a tripod:


The results made using Zerene Stacker:

2015-04-20-11.44.34 ZS PMax 2

These two with a bit of added colour emphasis in Serif Affinity Photo Beta:

2015-04-20-11.06.07 ZS PMax 2

2015-04-20-12.37.13 ZS PMax 2

Not fully in focus but still quite nice.


  1. These are effective. I like the last one and will have to start stacking again.

    1. Adrian. The occasional subject turns out to be ideal for focus stacking. The last one reminds me of a rocket firework.

  2. Adrian: The background, quite accidental, helped to emphasise the colours.

  3. Vey nice! I prefer the first one with the softer colors.

    1. Thank you Wilma. I always have to keep experimenting, just to see how things turn out. The first is natural, the others 'artistic'.


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