Friday, 9 October 2015

Friday at the Flicks - Waterfall Bathers


I managed to sneak the camera and tripod just outside the back door, about fifty feet away from the waterfall. The birds hardly noticed me behind the tripod. Mainly House Sparrows with Starlings soaking everything in sight and a fleeting visit from a juvenile Collared Dove:

It was unfortunate I had to change the soundtrack. For some reason the natural sound recorded at the time has a lot of background noise.

Soundtrack:  Eternity by Positively Dark
A free download from:

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you.


  1. Excellent once again.
    I have the same trouble with wind/ambient noise. If you use Audacity and record about ten seconds or so at the beginning or the end then you can sample it and get rid of as much or little as you like. I have stopped using the camera mic, it was hopeless and now record on a Zoom H1. I tend to record background, then move the recorder closer to get the sound of whatever I'm shooting. I can't sync sound very well but if anyone notices they are too polite to say so. I then put my music on another track in Audacity and play around for ages till I've made a mess of it.
    The Zoom recorder has got some bad reviews but I have had one for a couple of years and it seems fine. I record in Wav, auto levels and export as MP3.
    It would be much easier to sync if I had another pair of hands to work the sound at the same time as I'm trying to see what I'm shooting in the pathetic screen on the Canon.

    1. PS. for some reason the Zoom recorder clicks when I press's not the switch.....I delete the spike before I do anything else.

    2. Adrian: Thanks. I use an external mic but this time there was some local mechanical noise from a few houses away. I do have Audacity, will have to have another play with it. Have used it in the past for shortening music audio files and adjusting volume but haven't played much with its filtering abilities.

    3. John, it gets rid of any background noise that is constant. It works best if you use manual gain not auto but then you have to watch the levels don't spike. There is quite a lot to this sound business but it does make a big difference to the end result.

  2. Long tailed tits came back on the fat balls for the first time in ages today John - so exciting to see them again.

  3. They are having a fine time!


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